Planning to Go – Floyd McClung

Floyd McClung 1Floyd McClung is the international director of All Nations, an international leadership training and church-planting network.

Floyd shared with teaching with a Leadership Training School (LTS) that was held in New Zealand in 2000.

All Nations, the organisation that Floyd McClung is the international director of, has partnered with local churches to send short-term and long-term church-planting teams to more than thirty countries and provides specialized leadership and discipleship schools. 

The Father Heart of God - Floyd McClungFloyd McClung is the author of the book Father Heart of God – Experiencing the Depths of His Love For You. Father Heart of God is one of the key teachings in Youth With A Mission, and much of this teaching is covered in Floyd’s book.

Floyd is also the author of Living on the Devil’s Doorstep: From Kabul to Amsterdam. He shares some of the stories from this book in this teaching about planning to go.

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3 Responses to Planning to Go – Floyd McClung

  1. JonDavisJr says:

    I recognize the voice of the guy introducing Floyd here.  Who is that?

  2. JonDavisJr I know that his first name is Randy, so it could be Randy Thomas …

  3. JonDavisJr says:

    I remember Floyd McClung talking about this at a Go Conference in 1997.  I was very moved.  So moved that when I got married I told my wife-to-be “at some point we will be living overseas.”
    On another note – Mr. McClung sounds remarkable like ArchAngel from Airwolf:


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