The Reconciliation Walk – God Stories with Lynn Green

Lynn Green - Speaker ImageIn 1999, on the 900 year anniversary of the sacking of Jerusalem by Christian Crusaders, The Reconciliation Walk finished at an event in Jerusalem. Unlike the destruction brought to the city by the Crusaders in 1099, the Christians that came to Jerusalem with The Reconciliation Walk came with a message that says the Crusaders:

… betrayed the name of Christ by conducting themselves in a manner contrary to His wishes and character. …(By lifting up the Cross) they corrupted its true meaning of reconciliation, forgiveness, and selfless love.

The message that the walkers brought continued to state:

deeply regret the atrocities committed in the name of Christ by our predecessors. We are simply followers of Jesus Christ who have found forgiveness from sin and life in Him… We renounce greed, hatred and fear, and condemn all violence done in the name of Jesus Christ.

The walkers refer to Jesus’ biblical affirmation that He came to:

proclaim release to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are oppressed.

The Reconciliation Walk was directed by Lynn Green.

Lynn Green and his wife Marti first came to England and began the work of Youth With A Mission there in 1971. From 2004-2011 Lynn was YWAM’s International Chairman. He continues to convene YWAM’s global leadership meetings, and focuses much of his energy on international leadership development. Lynn Green also blogs at, where you can find more of his thoughts and teachings.

In past years Lynn has been much involved in serving other movements and organisations, including Challenge 2000 (the DAWN movement in England), and “March for Jesus”, of which he was a founder. He is currently a trustee of CARE Trust. Lynn also directed the “Reconciliation Walk”, when thousands of Christians prayerfully retraced the route of the First Crusade, thereby helping to defuse 900 years of bitterness between Muslims, Christians and Jews.

In this talk from Lynn Green he shares with us his personal story from “The Reconciliation Walk”…

More about the Reconciliation Walk:


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