World Missions – Loren Cunningham and David Hamilton

From 7 – 13 September, 2015, over 1300 different YWAM Staff and Students gathered in Townsville, Australia for YWAM Together to hear what is happening with the mission.

One of the first sessions during the conference was Loren Cunningham, the founder of Youth With A Mission, share an update about YWAM around the world, and about the state of world missions. As usual Loren shared exciting stories of faith and what God is doing around the globe. He is also joined by David Hamilton, who brings us his own, analytical look at the state of world missions.

Loren Cunningham is the founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and the co-founder and International Chancellor of the University of the Nations (U of N). He is also the leader of the YWAM UofN Campus in Hawaii and a member of the YWAM International Eldership.

The Book that Transforms Nations - Loren CunninghamLoren Cunningham is the author of a number of books including:

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