Innovation in YWAM – David Hamilton

In this edition of the YWAM Teaching Podcast David Hamilton talks about inovation in YWAM. David talks about various stories that express how innovation is a core part of the identity of Youth With A Mission. This teaching was originally recorded at a YWAM DNA conference in Woodcrest North Carolina.

David Hamilton has served in YWAM for almost 30-years. During this time he has served in many different roles, including:

  • The International Associate Provost of the University of the Nations
  • Assistant to the YWAM President
  • Member of the International Leadership Team of the U of N
  • Member of the Global Leadership Team of YWAM
  • Director of Training on the YWAM/U of N Kona campus
  • Vice President for Strategic Innovation at YWAM’s University of the Nations

Over his years in YWAM he has witnessed many different unique innovations, including:

  • Development of a new bread of “YWAM” Goats in Uganda
  • Candle Making in Thailand
  • A unique preschool curriculum used by over 900 organisations around the world
  • Focussed and specialised ministries like Cowboys With A Mission

David Hamilton has also participated in the writing of three different books:

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