Opium, Emperors, and Missionaries – Storytime with Lynn Green

Lynn Green - Speaker ImageStorytime sessions is a series that highlights some of Youth With A Mission’s values.  In the first session that we offer you on the YWAM Teaching Podcast, Lynn Green shares about Opium, Emperors, and Missionaries.

Lynn Green is a Global Elder in Youth With A Mission and is currently living in the United Kingdom where his desire is to take the good news of Jesus to everyone, with a currently focus on China and the Middle East. About this specific Storytime session Lynn says  …

We usually underestimate the role that history plays in shaping nations and relations between them.  So it is with China and its view of the West.  Every Chinese person I have spoken to has a detailed knowledge of events that stretched from the 1830s to the 1930s, in which “the Western nations oppressed us and kept us poor”.  To understand is to empathise and empathy is a powerful factor even in international relations.

Lynn Green blogs at lynngreen.net, where you can read some very interesting articles, including a fascinating reflection entitled “Is it too late for Hagar and Ishmael to Return to the Table?“. 


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