Spiritual Authority – Joy Dawson

Joy DawsonIn this YWAM Teaching Podcast we get to hear from Joy Dawson as she talks to us about Spiritual Authority.

Joy Dawson’s Bible-teaching ministry and missionary journeys have taken her to fifty-five countries on every continent. Most of her teaching ministry has been at spiritual leadership conferences. Multitudes have been blessed by her television and radio ministries, and countless lives have been changed through the international distribution of her audio and videotapes. The character and ways of God are the Biblical basis of her penetrating teachings, which cross denominational lines (from her web-site).

Joy Dawson has authored or co-authored eight different books:

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2 Responses to Spiritual Authority – Joy Dawson

  1. YWAM says:

    Melissa, a good place to start is our website, http://www.ywam.org – there you can find out about all sorts of YWAM locations around the world, then contact them directly to attend a Discipleship Training School (our entry-level 6 month course) or to volunteer.

  2. Anthony says:

    What a blessing to be able to listen to this message by Joy Dawson. After so many years (late eighties). I encounter this site by “accident”, no coincidence offcourse. Makes me feel sad, knowing how it was, realizing that I am not were I should be.

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