What is Your Calling and Gifting – David Hamilton

David HamiltonDavid Hamilton shares with us about God’s Calling and Gifting on us as individuals in YWAM, and God’s unique Calling and Gifting on Youth With A Mission as a Missions Organisation.

David Hamilton has served in YWAM for almost 30-years. During this time he has served in many different roles, including:

  • The International Associate Provost of the University of the Nations
  • Assistant to the YWAM President
  • Member of the International Leadership Team of the U of N
  • Member of the Global Leadership Team of YWAM
  • Director of Training on the YWAM/U of N Kona campus
  • Vice President for Strategic Innovation at YWAM’s University of the Nations

In this teaching David Hamilton talks about some of the unique ways that God has and is using YWAM in the world. They include stories of:

  • Solar powered audio bibles small enough to fit in a g-string of pygmy people
  • Training lab rats to assist in the disarming of land mines
  • Malaria research in Brasil and Uganda
  • and many more stories …

His Kingdom Come - David Hamilton and Others

David Hamilton has also participated in the writing of three different books:

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